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Maldives: Piece of Heaven

Maldives is one of the most incredible places on the earth. Just imagine: soft white sand, azure ocean waves and incredible warm sun. Maldives is created for those who are striving for solitude and calmness. Maldives is internationally famous for a soft summer the whole year round. Temperature of water is 24-27oC; air temperature is almost the same: 25-30oC.


Maldives is the ideal leisure spot for those who prefer lying on the beach all day long and enjoying soft sun light. If you are looking for solitude and calmness, a prime choice is Maldives. Here you are able to plunge into an engaging atmosphere of delight and contentment. You will be provided with true peace and privacy, silence and tantalizing romance of Maldives which saturates the air around you.


Male is the least capital in the world. Its length is 2.5 kilometers and width is 1.0 kilometer. This territory includes many places to visit, with excursions  available.


Those who like adventure holidays will certainly enjoy diving and fishing. The Maldivian coastal strip is in reach for fauna and flora of all kinds. Maldives is one of the best places for diving. Huge quantity of sea dwellers can be seen even during simple swimming with mask.


If you are fond of fishing, Maldives will be a real “Eden” for you. You don’t need to wait hours for fish to bite. You need just to threat-lure on a fish-hook, and put a fishing line in the water. Don’t lose the exhilarating moment when the fish will jerk you, and pull the fish-hook along!


The marvelous colors of the Maldivian natural surroundings will remain in your memory forever. If you happen visit once, you will certainly come back again, and again…



(17) Articles in the Travel and Leisure niche
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