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This package focuses the articles on the topic of software and various methods of search engine optimization (SEO). In the present age, when the Internet captures all spheres of life, this topic is considered to be one of the most popular among internet marketing enthusiasts. The high quality articles deal with information about SEO, link-building etc.

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SEO Article Writing Services – a way to improve traffic and bottom-line profit.


Creating articles for websites, a copywriter should not just write interesting readable texts for a concrete target audience. He should write text that will be attractive for all search engines. How should he do this?


Of course, all articles are needed to be read easily. But first, of all these articles must be found. That’s why search engine marketing articles differ from typical copy writing articles. Let’s observe several issues that must be taken into account by every professional SEO-copywriter.


First of all, pay attention to the titles of webpages. We are not talking about the title of individual search engine marketed articles, but rather about an entire webpage. Mostly, this title coincides with a title of an article. Effective titles should include targeted keywords. Search engines take a webpage’s title for search engine results. That’s why it’s very important to make an effective title.


The next step is the webpage’s description. The description should differ from the webpage’s and article’s title. The description should be a short paragraph in a meta tag “description” form. The length of such a paragraph shouldn’t be longer than 160-170 characters.


Some search engines (for example, Google), use this description in its search engine results. Some don’t use it at all. In any case, short informative messages with keywords won’t be out of place.


SEO article writing services differ from simple copy writing, with the use of targeted special keywords. The list of keywords should characterize search engine marketing articles. It is used in meta tag “keywords”. List of keywords is invisible for users but it’s necessary for search engines.


A title of an article is the face of your text. It can be similar to the webpage title. If it is different, these two titles should correspond to each other.


Search engines like unique search engine marketing articles and don’t like duplicated articles. Even if you do re-writing, search algorithms can find and “punish” your rankings. Moreover, in order to gain search engine value for your article, it shouldn’t be too small. It’s better to use some subtitles with keywords if at all possible. Search engines consider it as a preference for the relevance of your article. 


It’s necessary, however, not to “go too far” with the use of keywords. Search engines may consider an article as spam if keywords are found too often in the textual body. That’s why it’s recommended that keywords should occupy around 5% of whole website text, and are provided in different combinations.


Link building is also in SEO article writing service’s field-of-vision. It’s the second factor that transforms traditional copy writing into SEO-copy writing. Backlinks on the other pages of a website should be imparted to the article body in a most logical way.

These basic principles of SEO article writing services are the  principle difference between SEO-copy writing and traditional copy writing.



(12 ) Articles in the Software and SEO niche
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