Q: What is PLR article?


A: PLR articles are so-called Private Label Rights articles. It means that you can purchase such article for any aim and you don’t need to pay for author’s rights.


Q: Why do I need PLR articles?


A: PLR articles are the fastest way to get great quality content for a low price and in a short timeframe. With PLR articles you economize your time and money.


Q: Do I have to refer to your resource when I publish purchased PLR articles in my website?


A: No, you don’t have to refer to us.


Q: What shouldn’t I do with PLR articles?


A: You can use articles yourself but you aren’t about to resell these articles on auction sites or resell the rights you have purchased in our website.


Q: Can I put my name on a PLR article?


A: Yes, you can.


Q: Should I rewrite PLR articles before use them?


A: You are not obliged to do this. But rewriting is a good idea. At least, it is better to change the title, description and first paragraph of the article.


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