Rights and Conditions


What you CAN do with our PLR articles:


1. You can publish these articles in your website;
2. You can rewrite these articles partially or totally;
3. You can make your own e-book with these articles;
4. You can publish these articles offline;
5. You can put your name on the articles;
6. You can make some promotional materials utilizing these articles;
7. You can translate these articles into any language and use them as you wish.


What you should not do:


1. It is better not to claim your authorship if you didn’t change anything in the PLR article.
2. You shouldn’t sell the PLR articles without changing them. However, you can sell the products you’ve made with PLR articles.
3. You should not place purchased files on any hosting website or any membership website.
4. You are not allowed to “resell the right”ou have purchased from our website.
5. The main rule is: you can use purchased PLR articles yourself for any reason, but you are not allowed to sell or resell them to others.


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