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A “cozy” house.

Everyone is striving to have a nice cozy house. How to create a cozy comfortable  house? What applications, designs, methods, and issues are included in this subject matter? Let’s try to observe these questions.


The appearance of your home design, comfort and coziness depend not only on your furniture arrangement or the floor planning. It’s also result of illumination, decorative tissues, wallpaper and of course an “atmosphere”. Is it warm enough? Does the central heating cope with climate conditions? If it’s not it’s better to choose heating alternatives, for example, comfortable portable space heaters that can be easily moved from one room to another. To implement a cozy house you must pay attention to all aspects of this issue.


Drapery and curtains are one of the main elements of interior design. Curtains may optically smooth lacks of doors or windows in room, making rooms seem to be wider or longer. If you want to lenghten your window, hang up the curtains on both sides of the window, taking a part of the wall from the left and right sides. When you need to narrow the window, curtains should be attached to the ledge which corresponds with the window opening. The length of curtains, in this case, should reach the floor.


Drapery and curtains look perfect if they make thick folds and “gathers”. Also you need to remember that if the wallpaper in the room is bright and patterned, you should choose curtains of pastel tints and without any tracery. The opposite situation: you may use patterned curtains and drapery if the walls are pastel.


A cozy house is always associated with “fluffy” carpets. Carpet covering and large carpets may optically widen a room especially when tracery is similar and fine. Small carpets may be placed near an armchair, table or sofa. Do not put your carpet slant-wise; it should be parallel to the walls. Several carpets in different styles, tracery and color don’t look striking. Bright carpets look attractive in a room with smooth single-colored walls. When you’re decorating your interior in order to make a cozy house, you should remember that carpets and carpet covering demand permanent care. A carpet that’s dirty or soiled won’t add coziness or attractiveness to your design. If you don’t have enough time to clean a carpet, it’s better to eliminate this idea.


Paintings are good looking in well illuminated locations, on smooth pastel walls. If you have chosen wallpaper with tracery, painting should have a wide frame. Paintings should calm down and promote relaxation to a design. They should complement the shape and size of the furniture, and illumination, which is to be located on the side of them. Vertical paintings might be balanced with a low vase. Horizontal paintings need a tall vase. Paintings should be located ay eye-level or a little bit lower. Large paintings made with oils should be higher. Photography, graphics and aquarelles should be hung lower.


In a true cozy house each room has to have its own “feeling”, but this atmosphere should complement the way you feel. Make sure that the climate of your design is compatible to all its inhabitants. Use conditioners or portable space heaters if needed. And remember that a cozy house is not only decorating, and design factors, but also the people who live in it. In the long run, everything depends on you.



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