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Simple advices to prevent chronic lower back pain.

Exercises for chronic lower back pain should be done only in a period of pain attenuation. To deaden the pain you can do the following:

“Please” the pain with cold. Ice is especially good when pain is strong, for the first 2-3 days. Ice provides anti-inflammatory action and helps to relieve muscle tension. Make a cold compress for 15 minutes, every 2 hours, from 6-to-8 times a day. Do not put ice on your skin! It can cause frostbite. Always wrap ice in a towel.

Provide heat. Some doctors don’t advise to heat the lower back. Different ways of using heat or cold are recommended for different reasons that cause chronic lower back pain. It is recommended to use ice if the pain is caused by overload or muscle spasms. Heat is recommended if the reason is a sedentary lifestyle. Heat makes your muscles soften and more flexible. If you’ve already decided to warm your lower back, put a hot water bottle or electric heating pad on your back. Do not lay on it! You may get burned.

Wear an orthopedic corset. The muscles bear bones, disks and nerves that form the spinal column. Weak muscles increase the workload on your spinal column. That’s why the elastic corset will provide your back supplementary assistance. But don’t abuse it, otherwise your muscles might become weaker.

Lay comfortable. If you have pain in your lower back, you may lay on your back and put a pillow under your neck and knees. Then put your hands up and stretch your spinal column.

Sit with correct posture. When you sit, you give your lower back the worst environment. If you have to sit, use a chair with elbow-rests and pay attention the chair back: it should fully bear your back. Put a pillow under your lower back.

An active life will prevent many diseases. Of course, you need to avoid actions that will provoke pain. However, you should try to become active as soon as it’s possible. Bed rest for a long time may cause the atrophy of certain muscles. It also has a psychological aspect: the person may feel like an “invalid” and lose interest in physical activity. Two to three days are generally enough to jump-start an active life. 


(54) Articles in the Health and Healthcare niche
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