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The package consists of articles on the topic of food and drinks. This niche is always current for an obvious reason: who doesn’t like delicious food, and tasty beverages! These professionally written articles in this niche will not only describe how to cook different cuisine, but also will describe and provide secrets into  the background and preparation of famous dishes.

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The tale of  “Two Sandwiches”.

The sandwich consists of at least two slices of bread – the top and bottom between which is laid with fillings – meat, cheese or vegetables, spiced sauces, spices, etc. Today, each country has its own variety of sandwiches and their own special recipes. But few know the “Tale of Two Sandwiches” – the parent and his creation.

So what is the story of two Sandwiches? The Closed Sandwich – sandwich – appeared in 1762. According to legend, British politician, John Montagu, the fourth Duke of Sandwich was very fond of playing cards. But it was known that from time to time he has to break away from the game for a light lunch. He once asked for meat, bread and cheese just around the gaming table. Meat and cheese was provided, and so as not to dirty their hands, he put the meat and cheese between two slices of bread. It was soon discovered that this dish could be eaten with one hand. So he could continue playing cards. His friends at once demanded: “it was just like a sandwich”. Gradually this name became known as a closed sandwich.

But there is another version of the appearance of sandwiches. John Montagu Sandwich (1718-1792) invented the sandwich in order to be able to cheaply eat while working on serious projects, and to not to be taken away from hard work and to value precious time. He was a member of the British Parliament, the Foreign Minister and Secretary of the Naval British Empire. He oversaw the preparation and geographical world expedition of Captain Cook in 1778. As a result of the expedition, the Hawaiian Islands were discovered, which were originally named for Count Sandwich – the Sandwich Islands

Now the Sandwich – eating fast food, and the like,  became popular for breakfast, on the road, or for a picnic. But even more so, John Sandwich dedicated the concept to poetry, festivals, competitions, records and other celebrations, and a couple of centuries ago it was a favorite delicacy of the royal table. The tale of two sandwiches is “the liberation of humanity from the hot breakfast” according to (Holderlin).


(4) Articles in Food and Drink Niche
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