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Have a Healthy Body With Balanced Meals

Balanced meals are the way not only to lose weight but also to change your food habits for the best. Follow the principles of balanced meal(s) and you’ll get your best result.

Today, there are thousands of varying diets that you may choose from, in order to suit your personal situation and goals. For example, one of the most popular diets is the Japanese diet which is rather simple and an effective way to lose weight. This diet is based on the principle of reducing consumed carbohydrates’ quantity.

However, we would like to talk about another way to lose weight. It is the so-called balanced meal. This eating concept allows you to eat your favorite foodstuffs, and lose four pounds every 1.5 months. Many women, during this diet, cook specifically for their families and of course they don’t have enough time to prepare separate meals for themselves. That’s why such women often give up and start eating as usual.

Balanced meals include products that can be prepared in several minutes. You should eat your meals with pleasure because food always adopts your condition.

A major positive of  a balanced meals is its “gradualness”. You can lose weight step-by-step, optimized for your body-type, and lose  nearly 1.3 pounds every two weeks. It means that you will lose at least 7000 kcal per week.

This diet consists of a schedule for each week. If you are concerned about certain foods, you can replace them with others with analogical quantity of calories. Most salads and other vegetable dishes may be eaten as much as you want. However, this rule doesn’t extend to potatoes, corn, kidney beans, green peas and other high-cal vegetables.

Each week you should drink about 1.7 liters of low-fat milk. We recommend that you to buy milk with calcium additives. Besides that, each day you should drink not less than 2 liters of liquid in order to escape dehydration. Drink still water, squeezes, not sweet tea. Green tea is preferable.

Don’t think that you will just follow this diet for 6 weeks and then forget about it. Balanced meals, like all diets are not only a way to lose your weight, but the way to change your attitude towards eating process and develop healthy food habits. For six weeks you will get used to eat right foodstuff in order to make your own balanced menu. Under any circumstance, don’t turn to belemic activity hoping to economize on some calories. Such activity will harm your body, and you may cause damage to your metabolic processes.

Besides balanced meals you should consider sports, or other types of physical activity. Your caloric consumption should be not less than 300 kcal per day. Balanced meals is one of the most popular and effective diets only if your approach is serious. Mix your diet with fitness or walking. You can expend 300 kcal with a half-hour walk, or 30 minutes of cycling. Don’t give up if you feel that you don’t lose pounds. Think about what you are doing wrong. Intensify your physical activity and follow the sound principles of a balanced meal, and you can achieve great results.


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